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Proefo is one of the first companies to enter the market with the concept of finance as a service. The product consists of a Power BI application for financial management of the company and consultations, where we interpret the outputs to clients. We work with companies such as Blindshell, Studio Perspektiv, Joyful Craftsmen, Realpad, or J&T Ventures.

So far, we are a small team but with great ambitions. The ideal candidate is therefore a person who has a passion for building things from the ground up with everything that goes with it!

We currently look for new teammates on these positions:

Financial consultant (senior)
Power BI developer (senior)
Power BI developer (junior)

If you are interested, please send your CV and cover letter to michal.belan@proefo.com.

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Email: michal.belan@proefo.com
Phone: +420 727 836 048