Modern financial solution affordable for every company

We help companies with finances thanks to the modern technologies. We save your time, money & speed up decision process.

The right solution for your finances  

External CFO as a service

Suitable for companies, which need a finance expert

- financial app in MS Power BI
- customization and support
- 1  financial consultation/month

Controlling as a service

Suitable for companies, which need reliable financial analysis

- financial app in MS Power BI
- customization and support
- identification of bugs/errors in reporting

Financial reporting as a service

Suitable for companies, which need automated reporting

- financial app in MS PowerBI
- customization and support
- regular financial and strategic analysis


Suitable for companies, which want to use accounting data for managerial decisions.

- the whole agenda is digitally processed
- individual approach

- synergy with Proefo solution

Financial Due Dilligence

Suitable for funds or individual investors, who want to invest in startups.

- detailed analysis of accounting data
- presentation to investor
- output in PDF and Power BI

Regular assesment of the results, systematic cost optimalization and strategy feedback strenghten growth and profitability.

What we do

Report the results of your work on data

Increase margins and cost efficiency.

Monitor the project / product performance. 

Improve structure of personnel expenses. 

Provide advise on financing

Optimize working capital.

Help with price setting mechanism

Assist with KPI and evaluate fulfillment.

How it works

Data collection

Synchronization with accounting and other data sources (timesheets, CRM, internal reporting).
Setting up a financial application in MS Power BI and customization.
Automation and process setup.

Systematic financial management

Compilation and feedback on business plan and strategy.
Analysis of sales, costs and other financial and strategic metrics.
Cash flow planning.

Strategic decision making

Consultation of financial results and strategy.
Regular evaluation of profitability, growth and cash flow.
Helping you focus on what you do best.


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