Modern financial solution

for building a data-driven company

Why have systematic financial management and be 


What do you know about your company?

  • Is it well enough scalable with adequate margins?
  • Is your cash flow set safely and efficiently? 
  • Does your cost structure reflect the company goals? 

Gain competitive advantage with efficient financial management.

  • Reports do not have to be cumbersome in many excels.
  • Have your data always up to date available 24/7.
  • Analyze your data using an interactive and intuitive application in MS Power BI.

Most small and medium company managers do not use their data.

  • Accounting is kept "just to have it", without any analytical structure and added value.
  • Strategy is not reflected upon with data and analysis.
  • Late or no reaction to the change in business environment. 

Regular evaluation of results, systematic cost optimization and feedback on the strategy help significantly increase growth and profitability.

What we do

Report the results of your work on data

Increase margins and cost efficiency.

Monitor the project / product performance. 

Improve structure of personnel expenses. 

Provide advise on financing

Optimize working capital.

Help with price setting mechanism

Assist with KPI and evaluate fulfillment.

How it works

Data collection

Synchronization with accounting and other data sources (timesheets, CRM, internal reporting).
Setting up a financial application in MS Power BI and customization.
Automation and process setup.

Systematic financial management

Compilation and feedback on business plan and strategy.
Analysis of sales, costs and other financial and strategic metrics.
Cash flow planning.

Strategic decision making

Consultation of financial results and strategy.
Regular evaluation of profitability, growth and cash flow.
Helping you focus on what you do best.

Let us present you with the demo!

Contact us and we will show you how our financial applications and the whole Proefo financial management process work.

We offer a trial period of 2 months, during which you use the service to the full, at the most favourable price, without any commitment!
What can we do in 2 months?

1. Implement your data into our financial application.

The better the quality, the faster it goes or the longer historical time frame we can manage.

2. Set up a tailor-made financial application in MS Power BI.

We customize analyzes to your business and your needs.

3. Consultation of your data quality and analysis of the results.

We will show you what works well and what you need to improve.

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