Our mission

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the most important segment of the economy, in which more than 60% of people work worldwide. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time and ability to focus on effective data collection and financial analysis in their profession. Because of this, many people end up quitting their business. Our mission is to give everyone a chance to succeed through what they do best.

We also believe that small and medium-sized companies play crucial role in the global financial and technological revolution. Their potential is largely unutilized, as scaling belongs to complex entrepreneurial fields and there is very few simple and affordable tools on the market to help them fully unlock it.

The Proefo concept is built on the needs of the market - the needs of these companies to help with data-oriented approach towards strategy and finance management, without much effort and especially time. We believe that thanks to technology, automation and a personal approach, we will help you focus on what you do best.

About us

Michal Belan - CEO & solution manager

I started as an investment analyst for both stock companies and startups. During my time in this industry, I have regularly encountered the issue of financial data - how to put it together and how to use it further. Subsequently, I expanded my scope with PowerBI and data modeling, which is a basic prerequisite for modern financial management. Thanks to this approach and our dream team, we aim to expand this solution where it is most needed - among small and medium-sized companies.

Marko Ljubisavljevič - Sales

At Proefo, I'm in charge of (not just) everything about the sales. Financial management is often underestimated, especially in startups. Our mission is to be the right hand for founders who want to concentrate on their business and do not have the time or the appropriate experience in managing finances. I graduated in international relations at the University of Economics Prague. I like to meet new people and develop my skills in all aspects (sports, work, relationships). I come from the Balkans, I love summer, dancing, good food and art.

Jan Gabriel - partner financial services 

I have been working in the finance departments all my professional life. I believe that the contribution of the finance department is not only in fulfilling the tools of state bullying (that is, we will send the document to Tax office, so that we can peace), but above all in supporting managerial decisions. Recently, there has been talk of changing the understanding of the role of CFOs and corporate finance in general. The new term CVO (Chief Value Officer) comes to the fore. We are extremely happy to change our understanding of the role of "finance" and at Proefo we will do everything to be your partner in writing the story of your organization.

Radka Jánská - Power BI developer & customer support

My job is my hobby. After several years of work in the field of financial analysis, controlling and business intelligence, I was worried about how this field is still in its infancy and completely unavailable to smaller companies. Then I met Proefo. I am pleased to be able to prepare automated reporting in modern tools such as Power BI and thus contribute to the good financial health of all our clients, smaller and larger. Every problem has a solution, and my task is to find that solution. I am optimistic, I like to broaden my horizons and I spend my free time with my family.

Filip Lapeš - hlavní účetní

After more than 20 years of experience in a "corporate", where I went through finances from a junior accountant to a CFO, under close auditing supervision, I decided to open a private accounting office. And in my practice, I met Proefo and became a Senior Accountant for their clients. Each new client is a challenge for me because I am constantly surprised by the way accounting could be done and by who. On the other hand, I still enjoy these new challenges.

What is the return on my investment in Proefo?

There are many advantages to using Proefo services. Our customers value mostly the improvement of the financial situation, but also the reduction of costs associated with having the solution internally and lot of saved time.

In addition, external, independent and professional opinion leads to better results in the long run. For example, in times when the economy is thriving, all companies are growing fast and are spending a lot, we will help you stay on your feet. We will make sure that your company does not overheat and that you only spend as much as is reasonable. On the other hand, when it comes to the economy downhill, we will help you react quickly to changes and adapt your company to current market conditions.

What Proefo means? 

It is a consolidation of the words Professional External Financial Officer. Proefo was based on the idea of external financial and strategic management of architecture company Perspektiv. During the cooperation, we paid attention to simplifying the whole process and reducing the human error factor. It has been confirmed that consultations are important for understanding and achieving desired results.

Finance as a service 

Finance as a Service (FaaS) is a new modification of financial services based on long-term cooperation. In practice, this means that we use modern technology to automate data and information flows in your company, which is then followed by analytics in intuitive and interactive business inteligence application. 


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