Let's start!

We offer a trial period of 2 months, during which you use the service to the full, at the most favourable price, without any commitment!
What can we do in 2 months?

1. Implement your data into our financial application.

The better the quality, the faster it goes or the longer historical time frame we can manage.

2. Set up a tailor-made financial application in MS Power BI.

We customize analyzes to your business and your needs.

3. Consultation of your data quality and analysis of the results.

We will show you what works well and what you need to improve.

"Most often the problem is not that the owners can't interpret their finances. It's that they don't have a reliable analyis. Moreover, they shouldn't get it at the expense of their business development." 

Team Proefo

Our fundamental values

  • We do not manage your company, but we provide a helping hand. All decisions are up to you.
  • We care about security. We do not provide your data to a third party. We use technologies from designated vendors, mostly Microsoft.
  • We are an independent professional advisor.
  • We understand finance and it is important to us that you succeed. Over the last three years, our team has analyzed more than 500 public and private companies.
  • We do not want to replace people, but primarily to help their development.